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 Miracle Survivor... 

A story on how a chronic disease led to be the inspiration to Nadin Benito.

Nadin is pretty well known locally in Curacao and internationally for her works as Interior Designer.

After the sudden sickness and recovery of her father, Nadin made a plead to God to give her an inspiration, in order to give back to the community with her profession as Interior Designer.

Therefore she came to the idea of designing an area of a cancer patient's house (mostly bedroom), totally for free including all materials, for those who are suffering from a (chronic) disease, especially cancer.

Her first project was a little girl who had Leukemia. The bedrooms of the little girl's sister and mother have been designed as well.

After the passing of Nadin's father in December 18th, 2015, she took notice that her morher's health was deteriorating as well.

After several checkups and tests, it was unfortunately detected, that Nadin's mother was terminal with cancer and was advised to be recruited at a "Hospice", Arco Cavent.

Nadin moved in into the "Hospice" together with her terminal mother, where Nadin herself stayed for 2 months.

Once living there, Nadin created a bond with the patients and their families. That made "Hospice" a part of her life, which was a heavy life experience, since she saw 13 patients pass away during her stay.

During the period of recruitment of Nadin's mother at the "Hospice", 2 of Nadin's friends were visiting her mother, without ever having the clue that they also had cancer.

Unfortunately both friends lost the fight against cancer in May & July 2018.

Nadin's mother passed away in December 12th, 2016.

In less than 1 year apart, Nadin has lost both her parents.

During the season that Nadin was designing the bedroom of her friend at the "Hospice" (one of those who were visiting her mother), this friend urged Nadin to make this noble cause public.

That was the initial of the inspirational TV series "Welcome Home".
A series where Nadin has been informing the platform on a subtle way, all in regards to cancer and all details entitled to the path of a cancer patient and their family, during and after the illness.

In August 2017 Nadin lost another friend in Atlanta - HGTV Interior Design star Kimberly Ward due to Cancer. She was the first International Interior Designer who acknowledged & recognized Nadin's Interior Design work.

In January 2018 Nadin started to get really sick.

She didn't have a way to deal with all the emotional pain of the sudden loss shortly of both of her parents and close friends.
She decided to consult her doctor and consequently was referred to do some tests.

The results (X-rays) indicated that there might be cancerous deviations in her


When Nadin returned the following week to set a date for the surgery, the doctor couldn't find any deviations anymore on the same X-rays taken previously.

That was definitely the sign for Nadin, that God has performed a miracle on her and has given her a second chance in life, to raise awareness and share her experiences about cancer.

Actually, she has been doing so via her TV productions and also her foundation "Welcome Home Foundation Curacao".

Not only to inform, but also to share her very own experiences together with those of her beloved ones.

In order to show her solidarity to the patients who lost the fight against cancer and those who are still fighting, she decided to shave off all her hair for that period.

This was to honor and show respect to all who lost the fight against cancer and those who are still fighting this chronic decease.


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