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Exclusive Collections

& Interior Designs...

Welcome Home Foundation partnered with Welcome Home Designs for the 7th year anniversary of our foundation by delicately designing an exclusive - I Will Survive! Collection - line of diverse decorative products..

From unique & exclusive line of designer's comforters, mug sets, hand made large scented candles and more...

It is imperative to have a beautifully designed home & we surely will help you transform your house into a beautiful home together with our unique designer's decor line. 

And more importantly, with every purchase you make, you will be contributing with us to continue designing for a good cause, namely designing a room - Pro Bono for Cancer patients and survivors.

Click on the bar below to view our exclusive  "Welcome Home Designs - I Will Survive! Collection". But also a glimpse on our design portfolio...


For orders, information or appointment, please call us at (599 9) 682 1183 or email us at or


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